Anti hair loss patches

Dermastic™ Anti Hair Loss Treatment patches is a simple and effective solution for strengthening hair follicles. Dermastic™ prevents hair loss during regular application to areas of the skin around the scalp.

Dermastic™ Anti Hair Loss Treatment comes as round, flesh coloured, thin and flexible patches, about 2 cm in diameter.

Dermastic™ Anti Hair Loss Treatment patches are intended for men and women with hair loss problem.

Why choose our Dermastic™ patches

  They are effective – according to 81% of volunteers, their hair stopped falling out after 8 weeks of use.
  They are easy to use – simply apply a patch to the skin.
  They are convenient to use – no need of rubbing into the skin.
  They are discreet – flesh-colour, odourless and compact size for comfortable use.

How do they work

The bottommost layer of Dermastic™ Anti Hair Loss Treatment Patches which is in direct contact with the skin contains a range of active ingredients. Upon application, these nutritional substances are gradually released into the skin to strengthen hair follicles, stop hair loss and support the growth process.

The system of delivering the active ingredients through the skin (the so called transdermal delivery system) has proved highly effective in other products such as nicotine and contraceptive patches.

How to use Dermastic™ patches

Use at bedtime. To ensure proper adhesion, apply to clean and dry skin.
Apply a single patch to skin area adjacent to the scalp every day at bedtime. The recommended application sites include temples, forehead, neck and areas behind the ears. Change the application site each time you use a new patch.
Allow the patch to remain on the skin for 8-10 hours, then peel it off gently.
 Use the patches for 8 weeks.