Patches - frequently asked questions

Will the product work better if I use more than one patch at a time?

Each patch contains optimal quantities of the active ingredients. It is more important to use the patches systematically for 8 weeks rather than apply more than one patch at a time.

Since the patches closely adhere to skin, may I lightly grease the place where I want to stick the patch?

For best effects, the patch must adhere tightly to the skin and must not be allowed to migrate during sleep which may happen if the skin is lubricated before application. Upon application to cleansed skin, the area of the body under the patch begins to sweat, enabling dissolution of active ingredients and their subsequent diffusion (penetration) into hair follicles.

Do I have to repeat the treatment? If so, when?

Dermastic™ Anti Hair Loss Treatment Patches should be used continuously for sustained treatment effects.

I take hair, skin and nail supplements every day. Can I use Dermastic™ patches at the same time?

Yes. Combining Dermastic™ patches with food supplements is a very good idea. Dermastic™ will strengthen hair follicles from the inside while food supplements will do it from the outside. The combined effects may be even better.