Shampoo - clinical tests

Improves the condition and thickness of hair

Microscopic examination confirmed significantly improved condition of hair follicles in a group of volunteers using Baicapil™. The improvement is shown in figure 1 below. The picture shows hair follicles collected from a single volunteer at the beginning (T0) and upon completion of the trial (T180). Both follicles are in anagen phase. However, upon completion of treatment the follicle has better developed root sheath (thicker and stronger) and shows greater activity of hair matrix compared to the baseline. Moreover, the follicle examined after the application period is visibly larger and thicker than the follicle examined at the start of the trial.




Improves hair density

Hair density (the number of hair per unit area) was assessed on the basis of micro images. The pictures are automatically analysed by specialized software allowing visual determination of the number of hair in a specific area of the scalp.
Baicapil™ improved hair density by 18% compared to the baseline. The average improvement was 6.7 percent greater compared to placebo (graph 2).


Improves hair growth

Volunteer using Baicapil™ had on average 12.7% more hair in the anagen phase than at the beginning of the study. The placebo group also showed a slight (2.0%) improvement in hair growth compared with the baseline. The difference in favour of Baicapil™ vs. placebo was 10.7% which is a statistically significant improvement.

Reduces hair loss

The efficacy of Baicapil™ in preventing hair loss was demonstrated in washing and brushing tests. The tests measured the amount of hair lost when brushing and washing hair under standard conditions.

After 3 months of using Baicapil™ there was a 60.6% reduction in hair loss compared to the baseline. After 6 months of treatment with Baicapil™, the result was slightly more moderate (50.9% reduction in hair loss), reflecting the adaptation of the hair follicle metabolism to the daily delivery of the active ingredient. The condition of hair follicles was also observed to improve in volunteers using placebo. However, the reduction in the number of hair lost when washing and brushing was significantly lower compared to the volunteers using Baicapil™.